As advocates of people centric work cultures, the folks at Joyus have spent 14 years enhancing leadership, culture and employee wellbeing programs for their clients. Specifically we focus on creating an elevated experience for employees and higher engagement levels for the employer. We are passionate about our work because we have worked for organizations who have failed in living their stated values and were unaware of their employees' needs. We love to change those shortcoming for our clients and make them a true Employer of Choice.


Creating happy, healthy, engaged workplace cultures is what we love to do for our clients. We believe that high performing workplaces not only lead to better financial outcomes and organizational growth, they also lead to more prosperous communities. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

Our goal is to make work better, and enjoyable (most of the time), for every employee of our clients, as well as facilitate better relationships between employer and employee.


We are not a survey company. We act as an extension of your business. We get to know you and your people through focus groups and data collection. Then, through our advanced people analytics and actionable intelligence, we identify areas where your organization is performing optimally and areas that need to be improved. We know how to move the needle to enhance your culture, your employer brand and your ability to compete for and retain talent. We are your partners and strategists for today's workplace and the workplace of the future.

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