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Create Cohesive Teams with Employee Spot Lighting

Team leaders must foster employee relationships, especially now, with employees becoming more physically, mentally, and emotionally distant. Leaders can keep their well-oiled, people-powered machines working smoothly through a simple concept called Spot Lighting.

During a weekly team meeting, one person on the team begins the session by taking 5 minutes to talk about themselves (i.e., Spot Lighting). Through pictures, commentary, and show and tell, the person of the week shares their interests from outside of work. It could be a story about the time they hiked through the Mohave Desert or when they spent a day in silence or a compilation of moments about their family. Whatever the narrative, it makes us more aware that we share our workdays with some multi-faceted, incredible humans.

Mondays are marvelous for this because it is a fun way to kick off the week, but any day will do.

Once you get through the whole team, start again. Keep those passion discussions flowing; you never know the ideas that will stem from them.


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